4G Router Advantech FW 6.2.4

New release of Firmware (v6.2.4) for Advantech 4G and 3G routers. Includes mainly patches. For new features check release notes.

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4G Router Advantech FW 6.2.4

This is more or less patchlevel release version. Firmware for these models Spectre, SmartFlex, ICR-3232, ICR-3232W, SmartStart, UR5i v2, LR77 v2 and variants. Let's go over few or the major changes and improvements. As always full list of changes can be found in Release Notes.

4G routers available at Dureco same with accessories and low volume custom enclosure fabrication.

Highlight points:

  • Fixed SIM Unlocking
  • On v3 platform: fixed performance on 3rd ethernet, fixed issue with VLANs
  • Added SHA384 support for IPsec and security restraints for FTP and Telnet
  • Added minimal TLS version configuration
  • Report file Enhancement
  • Update OpenVPN to version 2.4.9
  • Fixed Issue with VLANs
    ** We have fixed issues when creating VLAN with ID 1 or 2, which was found in the new kernelversion. The issue here was that the system has reserved these IDs for internal usage. Forthat purpose, 4091 and 4092 IDs are reserved now and these IDs will not be available forusers anymore.


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