Advantech 4G, LTE router FW 6.3.2

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Advantech 4G, LTE router FW 6.3.2

Major firmware release, if we consider new features. Or features, which makes our life easier. Let’s do a quick overview:

  • New Docker Router App supports Docker platform
  • WPA-3 for WiFi Authentication
  • SSID Isolation - WiFi AP mode
  • SNMP information added (OIDs):
    • Cellular band
    • Signal strength
    • CPU usage
    • RAM usage
  • Security improvements. Some of the most significant improvements are:
    • Enabled hardening of common str/memfunctions in 1st party binaries.
    • Enabled hardening of str/memfunctions in Linux kernel.
    • Enabled generating of position-independent code in 1st party binaries.
    • Disabled /dev/memdevice.
    • Restricted dmesgaccess.
    • Enabled strong stack protector in Linux kernel.
    • Enabled hardening of memory copies between userspace and Linux kernel.
    • Enabled PAN emulation in Linux kernel.
    • Enabled Yama Linux Security Module

There is much more, please check Release notes for details.


Model Version Download
ICR-3232 6.3.2 Firmware - zip
SR-308xxxxx 6.3.2 Firmware - zip
ICR-3232W 6.3.2 Firmware - zip
LR77-v2 6.3.2 Firmware - zip
LR77-v2 Libratum 6.3.2 Firmware - zip

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