Backup routes - Conel router

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Conel routers from FW 3.0.8 and newer offer web interface to configure backup routes on Conel router. This functionality been previously available only via scripting. Web interface offers to configure 3 backup routes with different priority for 3G interface, primary and secondary ethernet interface.


When the router defer to backup route based on priority setting (1-3, where 1st has the highest priority) it continues to probe other interfaces, so when interface with higher priority becomes available for more than 10s it will restore connectivity to a primary route.

For example, if your main path (router-1) becomes unavailable (or IP address, which you are pinging) the router switch the default gateway to router-2 (backup-1) and at last, if backup-1 is not available it switches to backup-2, 3G interface. When higher priority route becomes available for more than 10s, the router will revert to that route.

Conel router backup routes diagram

Usage can differ on application for example using ADSL as a primary link and 3G as a back-up path.

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