Conel 3G DNP3 outstation

· 1 min read

I am very happy to announce that our favourite brand of 3G/LTE routers will support new feature and that is DNP3 outstation. 
UR5i v2F SL

Thanks to HW and SW modular approach of Conel routers, the SW user module for DNP3 outstation supports all I/O on the unit. This means, build in I/O and optional HW I/O cards XC-CNT. For example fully populated UR5i v2F with 2x XC-CNT provides:

  • 3x digital OUT
  • 9x digital IN (could be configured as counters)
  • 4x analog IN

All these can be accessed as a DNP3 registers and as a extra functionality, we worked with Conel R&D to implement diagnostics information as well as a DNP3 registers. You can monitor and operate Conel 3G DNP3 outstation from ClearSCADA or your favourite DNP3 enabled SCADA system.

UPDATE-1: Conel is finalising documentation DNP3 profile. Will post, when becomes available.

UPDATE-2: I got the DNP3 profile from Conel, which effectively have been only paperwork, but here it is.

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