Conel IO module options

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There are 3 options for build-in IO options for Conel routers. I am talking about full version of UR5i v2 and LR77  as these are available in Australia.

Very interesting is, that you can address these I/O over a Modbus TCP. This gives you option to use IO with you SCADA without purchasing additional device. What does that means is you have effectively Conel IO module as a Modbus slave and 3G router in one device. Not to mention you can use router as a Modbus gateway.

Secondly you can handle these I/O via scripting supported by Conel routers.

Digital input/output and analog options are:

  1. 2x binary input, 2x counter, 2x analog input, 1x binary output
  2. 3x digital input, 1x counter, 2x analog input, 1x binary output
  3. 4x digital input, 2x analog input, 1x binary output

As you can see below RJ45 plug is a used to wire up inputs/outputs.

Conel IO wiring

UR5i v2F SL

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