Conel Routers WatchDog description

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Conel Routers WatchDog description

Routers WatchDog description

If you ever wondered, why industrial cellular router is better than commercial ones? One of those reasons is multitude of processes, which do keep router operational and connected to cellular network.

Conel routers content the following two kind of WatchDogs:

  1. Hardware WatchDog

    CPU refreshes every one second the specialized WatchDog component what is able to switch off and switch on the power supply for whole router in case that it is not refreshed from CPU. Exception is OS Linux starting when the WatchDog component waits 50 seconds until CPU is able to make a refresh.

  2. Software WatchDogs

    a. Firmware contents software process Watchdog which checks key deamons pppd and bard what are responsible for connection establishing and routes back-up. This software Watchdog takes over information to hardware Watchdog if everything is correct or not. In case of not then the reset follows.

    b. Firmware contents software process what checks and verifies the registration to the mobile network. This software watchdog checks registration every two minutes if it is successful. If not then this software watchdog will switch off and switch on the cellular module. When it is needed to make it five times in a row then hardware watchdog will switch off and switch on whole router.

    c. Firmware content software process, which is able to checks mobile connections by ICMP ping function.

Photo by Ryan Riggins on Unsplash

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