Console port on Conel routers

· 1 min read

UR5i v2F SL

Do you have requirement for 3G, 4G (LTE) router with console port? I have good news for you. Conel v2 routers from FW 3.0.9 revision supports this functionality. What you need is router with HW optional module XC-RS232, which gives you a serial port. Optional port 1 or port 2 can be fitted with XC-RS232.

Only FULL version of v2 routers

Add below into iniitab of the router with RS-232 optional port.

::respawn:/sin/getty 9600 /dev/ttyS0

where S0 is Optional port P1 and S1 is Optional pot P2.

This is great option for local access to the router in case you cannot or don't want to unplug ethernet devices from the router for operational or maintenance purpose.

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