Cybertec Remote System Log

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Cybertec 2150/2250 Routers have a new Remote System Log feature which can be very helpful in troubleshooting, as the regular Syslog is deleted when the modem is reset. The Remote Syslog also has the ability to log different levels of information which includes information not found in the Syslog.

To set up the remote Syslog you will need the following.

  • Cybertec 2150/2250
  • Ethernet Cable (you may also connect both devices to a switch or existing network)
  • PC with Syslog Host software (For this example we will use Syslog Watcher

Syslog Software Setup

It is recommended that Syslog server has an IP that won’t change so you will need to assign your PC a Static IP Address . Download and install Syslog Watcher and open the program from the Start menu. You will also need to make sure your firewall has UDP: port 514 open.

Select Manage local Syslog Server

Syslog watcher manage

Press play button on top left to Start the Server.

Syslog watcher Start

Cybertec Modem Setup

Open up the Cybertec Web Browser to System -> Syslog

Cybertec syslog page small

Add a new remote Host and enter the following settings.

  • Name - To identify remote server (anything you want)
  • Level - Determines what level of logs to send (see section below for more detail)
  • Target Host - IP Address of your PC with syslog software
  • Port:514 (default port for remote syslog)
  • Protocol - In this case Syslog Watcher uses UDP

Cybertec syslog settings

Once you update the settings you should start to receive events in the Syslog Watcher software. What is logged will vary determined on what level of Syslog you have chosen.

Syslog watcher receiving

Remote Syslog Levels

There are 6 levels to choose from when setting up the remote syslog.

Cybertec syslog levels table

The level setting is system dependent. The thing to keep in mind is that the lower the level the more log messages will be sent. This means setting the level too low could fill the logs up with noise. For example, you would only use informational and Notice when it is absolutely necessary for troubleshooting or measuring throughput.

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